Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh), October 29: A shocking case of sexual assault has been reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, where a five year old LKG student was allegedly raped by her tuition teacher’s teenage son. The girl was profusely bleeding when she arrived home.  The family immediately took her to a hospital for medical interventions.

The victim's family claims that the accused's parents were compelling them to settle the case by offering money. Meanwhile, the police arrived at the hospital, where the commotion was happening. Immediately, the accused was detained and transferred to a borstal and the case was registered.

The victim's father, a resident of Ghaziabad’ Vijaynagar, takes care of the family by driving an e-rickshaw. His five-year-old daughter used to take tuitions from his landlord's wife. The lady was not at home when his daughter and son went to study on Tuesday. The boy returned home and the girl stayed back waiting for the teacher.

Sensing an opportunity, the teacher’s 12-year-old son allegedly raped the girl while the tutor was away. The girl waist downwards was drenched in blood when she returned home. When questioned she shared her ordeal. Following which her parents took her to a hospital.

The accused’s family was already at the hospital, and wanted to hush-up the situation, saying that they would pay all the expenses for her treatment, but wanted the incident not to be reported. When the victim’s father refused their offer they snatched his phone and even abused him. During the ruckus the victim’s family called the cops.

As soon as the police reached they began their investigations and send the girl for medical check-up. After filing a complaint, they sent the accused to a reformatory, according to CO Mahipal Singh.