This is a niche online news portal to publish news on rape, child sexual abuse, sexual violence, sexual harassment at the workplace, sex trafficking, gender-based violence, gender bias and discrimination, and related subjects.

It is an attempt to bring the focus on sexual crimes and child sexual abuse, both of which are pandemic in India and also in many other countries. Unfortunately, a very high percentage of such crimes go unreported and of the ones which do get reported, the majority result in acquittals in India.

The Supreme Court has noted that under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, in almost all areas including investigation and court proceedings, there are inordinate delays and many provisions of the law were not adhered to. The conviction rates also are dismal.

It should be noted that wherever the media glare is focused on sexual crimes, the conviction rate is markedly better than in cases where there is no media reporting, so hopefully, this initiative will help to bring the spotlight on sexual crimes in India and maybe also in the sub-continent.

This initiative has two main aims: To put the spotlight on sexual crimes so the conviction rates in such crimes increase and victims get justice and to create awareness about these heinous crimes and their effects which will hopefully reduce such crimes.