Pune (Maharashtra), September 8: A shocking incident of crime has come to light in Pune. Here a 20-year-old girl came to know about an illicit relationship of her mother. She chanced upon some intimate videos of her mother with this man. Seeing this, the girl decided to teach her mother's boyfriend a lesson.

The girl shared this information with her lover. They both decided to blackmail the person. For doing this, she hacked into her mother's WhatsApp. Then they sent the intimate video to this man through WhatsApp and demanded a payout of Rs.15 lakh from him. Threatening that, the video will be uploaded on social media, in case he refused.

Since the man did not respond to this blackmail tactic, the young couple tried a different strategy to extort a suitable payoff.

The 42-year-old man, who informed the police his profession was building construction work, lodged a complaint with Vishrambagh Police Station, Pune. In his complaint, he has said that he is a victim of blackmail and extortion. He further said that two people came to meet him in his office in May. Initially, they seemed to be customers, but later they started threatening him saying that they had his obscene video.

After this, the two youth forced him to accompany them, and took him to a place very near Alankar police station. They physically assaulted him and snatched away his mobile phone. He knew he had videos on his phone where he was intimate with some woman. They transferred all these videos to their own mobile phone with the intent of blackmailing him. Demanding 15 lakh rupees or a threat to upload the videos online, they released him. They even agreed to delete all videos, if he paid. As an option, they set an EMI of one lakh rupees every month.

The victim says that with great difficulty he somehow paid around Rs.2.6 lakhs to the blackmailers. For paying the ransom, he had to sell off his car and motorcycle. But later when it was getting difficult to be regular in his payments the victim filed a complaint with police. Police upon registering the complaint devised a plan to trap the blackmailers red-handed. On instructions from police, the victim called the blackmailers to Dagdu Seth Ganpati Temple to collect the ransom. This was when 29-year-old Mithun Gaikwad appeared and was caught.

Later, during the investigations, Mithun Gaikwad confessed to the crime. He then went on to explain the whole strategy, adding that the victim's girlfriend’s daughter was also involved. According to Mithun, she was the mastermind of the extortion plan and it was she who had shared her mother’s and the victim’s obscene videos with him initially.

Mithun paid off his loan amount from the ransom money and the accused girl bought a wardrobe-full of new clothes with her share.

Police based on the confessions, after Mithun, has now arrested the girl and his other associate.