Patna (Bihar), October 31: A huge organised prostitution establishment has been busted in Bihar. In a joint exercise by Patna and Arwal police, raids were conducted resulting in arrest of 20 girls engaged in prostitution. During this police raid, based on information by a Patna based NGO, many pimps have also been arrested.

In Arwal’s red light area flesh trade has been a flourishing for sometime, but most of the girls taken into custody, who belong to economically backward class, said that they were lured on the pretext of being hired for decent professions. Later they found themselves being forced into prostitution. They also said that they tortured if they resisted their handlers.

This big joint raid has created quite a stir in the vicinity. Apart from the Patna-based NGO, well-meaning locals have also complained time and again about the sex-racket in the area. Police said that according information shared by a Patna-based NGO many girls, including minors, have recently been brought to the brothels here after ‘illegal buying and selling’.

The rescued girls had many heart-wrenching stories to share of their torture – like how they were put in dungeons if they didn’t cooperate, on them being injected with drugs, on being beaten, not given food, etc. Most of the girls were from other states and they were brought to the hide-outs from the station / bus stands by their eyes being masked.