Balangir (Odisha), October 23: A sensational case has come to light from Baran in Rajasthan, where a teen from Odisha has been charged for selling his wife to a 55-year-old Rajasthan resident. Later he splurged this money on dining and a mobile phone.

According to information, the accused 17-year-old from Odisha’s Balangir married a 26 -year-old woman and within two months of his marriage sold his wife to a man in Rajasthan for Rs. 1.80 Lakhs. The accused has been arrested.

The teenager from Balangir came in contact with the 26-year-old woman through social media and the two fell in love. Later, their families agreed to their marriage and they were traditionally married in July.

A couple of months later, the accused citing financial problems, asked his wife to accompany him to work in a brick kiln. They first went to Raipur and from there to a village in Rajasthan, near the MP border.

In August, around two months after the marriage, the couple reached Rajasthan via Jhansi. Within a few days in the new job, the accused wanted to buy a smartphone among other luxuries and hence sold his wife to a 55-year-old man from Baran district. After selling his wife the accused first bought an expensive smartphone, and later splurged on dining.

When he reached home a few days later without his wife, her family members questioned her whereabouts. He told them that the woman had deserted him, not agreeing they filed a complaint. On the basis of the complaint, Balangir SP Nitin Kulekar constituted a team to investigate the matter and interrogated the minor. Soon it was found that he had sold his wife.

Simultaneously, a police team was sent to Rajasthan to trace the girl and rescue her. This took a lot of effort because the villagers protested the woman being taken away, as she was ‘bought’. They even blocked the road to stop her from being taken.

Later, with the help of the local police from Rajasthan, the team rescued and took the girl into their custody. When questioned, the girl wanted to go back to her parents in Odisha.

Police produced the accused 17-year-old before a juvenile court on Friday, who sent him to a correctional home.