Patna (Bihar), October 20: A shameful incident has come to the fore from the city of Patna, where five have gang-raped a woman. The sexual assault victim who was subjected to the heinous crime is a mother of two children and a resident of Jakkanpur. Police have arrested the five accused in the case and further investigations are ongoing.

The woman's husband went to Jakkanpur police station on October 10 and filed a missing person’s complaint. The police officers immediately started investigating the matter. Meanwhile, the woman called her husband and told him that she was in Kolkata. Police initiated tracing the number and were preparing to leave for Kolkata. During investigations, police found that the mobile phone location was still in Patna and was indicating a hotel in Karbighiya in Jakkanpur. As a next step, they raided the hotel and saved the woman.

Later investigations showed that the woman was kept near Karbighia Junction for around a week, where 5 people indulged in the sexual crime with the woman. The police arrested Ajay Khatri based on the statements of the woman, after which the other four accused including Golu and Kishan alias Amit have also been arrested.

Police have now started interrogating all the arrested accused. Simultaneously, the police are also recording the statement of the woman under section 164. The police is also investigating why the woman told her husband that she was in Kolkata if she had not left Patna.